Breast Cancer Network of WNY

For Those Newly Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

BCN is proud to offer those newly diagnosed with breast cancer access to our signature support program through our TLC Tote initiative.

What is a TLC Tote?

A TLC Tote is designed to aid and comfort those newly diagnosed with breast cancer. Our TLC Totes are tote bags stuffed with information and answers to the common questions that come up when you are first faced with a breast cancer diagnosis. We have resources to assist with treatment decisions and recovery as well as various comfort items to help ease with the challenge of recovery. Some of the items we put inside are Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book, Chicken Soup for the Breast Cancer Survivor's Soul, Tools & Tips from the Trenches of Breast Cancer, a chemo treatment CD, journal, socks, heart-shaped pillow, bookmarks, note cards, and much more.
It might be that the best part of our TLC Totes is not what's inside but what you get when you receive your tote. That's when you meet with one of The Breast Cancer Network's Survivor Volunteers who presents you with your tote and is available to answer any questions you might have. Our Volunteers may not be professionally trained counselors but they have traveled on your road and they understand exactly how you feel because they have felt it too. We truly are a network of education and support and for many, it starts when they receive their TLC Tote.

How to Get Your TLC Tote

TLC Totes are free to anyone newly diagnosed with breast cancer.
To register for a tote, please contact us.

Thank You to Our Sponsor

The TLC Tote program is generously supported by our partner Windsong Radiology. Windsong's support and generosity make this program possible and successful.