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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day Gift Giving When Your Mom is Going Through Cancer Treatment

Mother’s Day gift giving may look different this year if your Mom is going through cancer treatment.  Material items you would have bought in the past may seem irrelevant after a breast cancer diagnosis.  The fragrance from traditional gift items like flowers and perfume may aggravate her senses and she may not have the stomach for chocolates.  So what do you get a Mom going through cancer treatment?  We’ve put together some tips and suggestions surrounding Mother’s Day gift giving to help you find just the right thing.

Tips on Mother’s Day Gift GivingMother's Day Gift Guide

Make Memories – Spending time with your Mom would probably be more appreciated than any gift you could buy.  Often a cancer diagnosis reminds us just how important family truly is.  Instead of trying to buy your Mom a gift, consider visiting her or scheduling an activity as a family that she can manage.

Don’t Make Mother’s Day About Her Diagnosis – Like other holidays, we suggest trying not to make Mother’s Day a reminder of her current situation.  Instead of getting her the breast cancer mug you saw at the store, skip that, and focus on her as a Mom, not as a cancer patient.

Take Her Physical Condition Into Consideration – While we suggest trying to plan time together, it is important to take your Mom’s physical and mental state in to consideration.  If she is not feeling up to doing much, don’t force it.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Book a Spa Day – This could be both an opportunity for you to spend time together and for her to enjoy some pampering.

Technology – Think tablets and other portable devices that she could use to keep herself busy and in communication with others while she is relaxing or undergoing treatments.

Photos – You could get the whole family together and take a nice photo for Mom.  Enlarge it and frame it for a nice gift or consider a scrapbook or photo album of older memories.

Movies Passes – Going to a movie is a great way for your Mom to get out of the house without having to do anything too physically demanding.  If you give her some passes, she can use them when she feels up to it.

Meal Service – Again, this would depend on how your Mom is feeling, but if she has an appetite gifting her a meal delivery service is a great way to take a chore of her to-do list and allow her more time to rest.

Cleaning Services – Most Moms would agree that nothing says “I love you” more than a clean house!  Consider gifting Mom a cleaning service to help around the house.

Jewelry – Last but not least, you usually can’t go wrong with jewelry.  Most Moms love jewelry that incorporates their kids in someway. It could be a birthstone ring or necklace, or even a locket with their photo in it but jewelry is usually a safe gift idea if your Mom is a person who likes to wear it.

While you may be struggling to find just the right thing, remember the gift of your time is one of the greatest gifts you can give.  Gift cards and tablets are great, but most Moms just want to see their kids and hear what’s going on in their lives.  Happy shopping and enjoy Mother’s Day!

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