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Benefits of Qigong

Hello, my name is Grazina Wolfe. I teach Qigong classes at the Breast Cancer Network of WNY. I came to the USA 15 years ago from Lithuania. I grew up on a self-sustainable farm in a very healthy environment. When I came to the USA, I found myself lacking energy and feeling sluggish all the time. I noticed that so many people had allergies, cancers, or just were sick quite often and almost everyone was on some sort of medication. It made me wonder why?
I started looking for alternative ways to improve my health since my body was very sensitive to pharmaceuticals. I attended a lot of presentations about healthy eating and other health events. I took a wrong turn in my health search and began dieting, thinking that was the key, but I still would get sick regardless of my weight. Something was missing…
A few years ago I met one of the most influential Qigong teachers from China, Master Yuanming Zhang and I became fascinated with Qigong. I have incorporated it into my life and changed not only my life style but my thinking and my approach to life. I haven’t seen any doctors in 5 years and I feel 20 years younger.
I am very excited about Qigong and would like to share my passion and my experience with you. I am truly confident that practicing Qigong can help you with the healing process. It is the answer not only to wonderful health but also in finding the balance with your mind, body and spirit.
What is Qigong? 
Qi stands for a vital force or energy and Gong means work or cultivation.  A long time ago in China, people were seeking for a simple life in the mountains. Since no medicine was available they observed  nature and animal behavior and learned from them how to heal themselves using universal energy. Qigong theory says:”Once the energy pathways are free of obstructions, it starts flowing fluently and smoothly, making our physical body heal itself”. Cancerous cells grow out of control where Qi is stagnant. The blood carries Qi together with oxygen and nutrients to our cells.
Our body has an amazing ability to heal itself but we have to open up our energy channels that are like rivers bringing mind, body and spirit into a center or balance. Qigong practice integrates gentle physical movements, mental imagery, breathing techniques,  relaxation, gentle stretches and a variety of other exercises. We use self massage or meridian tapping techniques to open energy pathways. We also use sound vibration therapy – Tibetan healing sounds to help break up stagnation in the chest area. 
Qigong Benefits for people with the breast cancer

Breathing – Chinese  monks observed animal behavior and noticed that animals, who move slowly and breathe deeply live much longer. For example, a tortoise takes 4 breaths a minute and can live up to 200 years. An average human takes 12 to 20 breaths a minute and lives about 75-80 years. It shows that deeper and longer breaths might increase our life span. That is why Qigong teaches deep breathing which helps to calm the mind and spirit and allows energy to move faster. Moreover, deep and slow breathing helps to oxygenate cells. John’s Hopkins University research found that low oxygen levels increase the amounts of specific proteins, that stimulate metastasis. 
Improvement in Immune Function – Studies show that cancer patients who underwent Qigong exercises had a significant improvement in their immune function. The immune system is most active at deep relaxation and often is restored at night while we are sleeping.  In Qigong we learn how to relax deeply and simply “let go.” We also activate some acupressure points, such as the thymus gland, that is responsible for our immune system.
Another wonderful exercise we use is called Lymphatic Swing Dance. The lymphatic system is essential in our body’s ability to remove waste and maintain a healthy immune system. This “dance” activates our lymphatic system and normalizes thyroid levels, reduces panic attacks and maintains healthy cell functions.
Relaxation –  Today most people forget how to relax and rebalance. We always rush and never slow down. Relaxation techniques help to open up blood vessels allowing to bring more oxygen and nutrients into your body. It is also beneficial for balancing emotions such as depression and anxiety.  
Releasing Negative Emotions- Since our lives are full of stress, our minds are full of worries and negative emotions. If they are not properly released, they are being stored in our bodies. This causes various sicknesses. We use healing sounds and inner smile techniques to release emotional burdens.
Reducing Fatigue – Once your body and mind relax, the energy will start flowing more smoothly and you will notice that you are becoming more energetic.

Reducing Stress – Our body tenses up when stressed. When the body is tense, our blood vessels shrink, slowing down circulation and depriving cells of oxygen.
Chinese doctors believe that stress is a primary cause for cancer. It speeds up tumor growth, releases cortisol (a perfect place for cancer to grow ), switches off the immune system and creates an acidic environment . Unfortunately, few people in the USA know how to address stress. Please, watch this wonderful video of  Dr. Kevin W. Chen PhD “Stress Management is the Key to Cancer Recovery” 
Qigong can help cancer patients deal with various side effects from cancer treatments. Through a series of gentle exercises and simple stretches along with deep breathing, it can speed up cancer recovery, boost the immune system, reduce stress levels, detox the body, reduce pain and improve sleep quality. 
Many Blessings on your recovery journey!!! 
May the Health be with You!!!

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