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Sometimes It Takes a Village

Have you ever heard the saying “it takes a village?”  You usually hear it used when people talk about raising kids.  If you have kids, you know that this saying can definitely be true at times!

But what about when you’re fighting breast cancer?  When you receive a diagnosis like breast cancer, finding your “village”  is also important.  There are many decisions to be made.  Emotions to address and questions to answer.  From putting together your medical team to finding the emotional support you need, you’ll need resources to guide you from diagnosis to survivorship.  That’s where we come in!

Services for the Newly Diagnosed

TLC Totes
TLC Totes

If you’re newly diagnosed with breast cancer you’ll  receive a lot of information about treatment options, future expectations, care and more.   It can be overwhelming and terrifying.  During this initial phase, you’ll also have to make some very critical decisions that will impact the rest of your life.

The volunteers at Breast Cancer Network (BCN) know exactly what this feels like.  They understand the thoughts and emotions running through your mind.  With all of that in mind, we created our TLC Tote Program.  TLC Totes are given to women who are newly diagnosed free of charge.  They contain a TON of information about doctors, treatment options, questions to ask, books, comfort items and so much more.  Every woman who receives a TLC Tote also gets a free one year membership to BCN.  With that membership you can build your village as it gives you access to even more information, support groups, exercise classes and many other resources you can use throughout your journey.  To learn more about our TLC Tote Program, click here.  

Support through Survivorship

Beyond our TLC Tote Program, we offer a number of ongoing services to help take you from diagnosis to survivorship.  From exercise classes to our monthly educational series, we can be part of your team every step of the way.  We even work with women, like Paula Munro, that have completed treatment and are thriving!  Paula’s story was recently featured in article by Mary Friona of Totally Buffalo.  Click here to read about Paula’s story and learn how BCN has been part of her journey.Paula Munro

No matter what stage of the process you are in, we have something that can help.  Sometimes it takes a villaSge to get through life’s ups and downs.  If you’re looking for your village, give us a call.

Jennifer Calero

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