Breast Cancer Network of WNY

Thank you for supporting breast cancer patients and survivors in WNY

This year over 1,400 women in Western New York will hear the words “you have breast cancer.” These women are your friends, neighbors, co-workers; even family members.

These four terrifying words can change the course of a woman’s life forever and represent the beginning of a very difficult journey. Fortunately, women in WNY do not have to go on this journey alone. Since 1988, the Breast Cancer Network of WNY (BCN) has offered a variety of programming that works to support women at all stages of their breast cancer journey.

Unfortunately, the number of women in WNY being diagnosed with breast cancer each year is increasing, creating a larger population of women in need of our services. As a result, we need additional funding and are asking for your support to continue to provide women with breast cancer the programming and support they need to journey from diagnosis to survivorship. We encourage you to contribute at one of these giving levels:

$75 – Your $75 donation will give a woman newly diagnosed with breast cancer one of our TLC Tote bags. The tote contains information that is helpful in making treatment decisions. It also contains various comfort items and resources to use in recovery. All of our totes provide the recipient with one year of free membership to BCN.

$125 – Your $125 donation will pay for a monthly support group that provides breast cancer patients and survivors a safe, welcoming environment to work through the emotional challenges of this disease.

$175 – Your $175 donation will pay for a breast cancer patient or survivor to attend weekly exercise classes at our facility. Regular exercise is an important component to preventing recurrence. Our classes are tailored by professional instructors to meet the physical restrictions and overall needs of a breast cancer patient or survivor.

$225 – Your $225 donation will support our monthly educational series which connects breast cancer patients and survivors with cutting-edge medical and health professionals. When you are navigating breast cancer, knowledge is power. Our speakers give our members access to knowledge they may have trouble obtaining otherwise. BCN is also proud to support the fight against metastatic breast cancer. Metastatic breast cancer, also known as Stage IV or advanced breast cancer, happens when breast cancer spreads to other organs in the body. This occurs in 20 - 30 % of all breast cancers and it is incurable. Each year, of all the funds raised nationally in the name of breast cancer, it is believed that as little as 5% is targeted toward metastatic research. We are working to change that through our Metastatic Research Initiative. Through this initiative, we raise funds to be awarded to doctors in NYS specifically researching metastatic breast
cancer. You can support this initiative by designating your donation to it on your pledge form.
When you contribute to BCN, 100% of your donation stays in WNY and is used to support women in your community.

The donations we receive are mainly directed toward programming, not consumed by administrative costs.
Please help BCN support women in WNY impacted by breast cancer by completing the attached form and returning it to us with your tax deductible donation. For your convenience, you can also submit your donation online at

Thank you for helping us help local women from diagnosis through survivorship.

Rob Jones
Executive Director

P.S. – Do you work for a company that has a giving program? Introduce us! We want to work with companies that are as passionate about helping women in our community as we are! Contact Rob at for more information.